Octopus Seafood Display Ice Sculpture

"Creatures need to be made, sculpted, painted...drawn, or they start a riot in your head." -The madcaps philosophy

This Octopus ice sculpture was created for the Milwaukee Art Museum's 53rd annual Bal du Lac which also happened to coincide with the museum's 125th anniversary. Going along with the espionage theme of the evening, this ice display was inspired by the 1983 Bond film "Octopussy." Crafted to funtion as a seafood ice display, which was located in the substructure of the MAM, was especially sutible considering it mirrors the real life octopusses love of munching on a variety of clams, crab, and fish. Octopuses have a rather high intelligence with particular skils for problem solving, maze navigating, using tools, and even playing! Some scientists believe that due to their high intelligence these invertebreas have distinctly unique and individual personalities. How cool!