Art Deco Monogram Luge on Sunburst Pedestal Ice Sculpture

This art deco ice luge was created out of one and a half blocks of ice and the widest part of the sculpture was about 40 inches thick. As a particularly distinct way to personalize their special day the bride and groom combined their creative minds to design their own Art Deco monogram which we incorporated into the luge design and engraved for them. Both the pedestal and monogram mirror the key principles of Art Deco with the sunburst pedestal’s bold geometric shapes and the intricate ornamentation of the monogram. The Art Deco art movement originally surfaced in France after WWI but quickly spread throughout the entire planet during the 1920's, 30's and 40's. The style was influenced both by an earlier art movement, Art Nuevo, and the rapid industrializing world. Combining the organic ornate details of the Art Nuevo style, and the geometric industrialized aesthetic, Art Deco was born as a smooth transmission and happy medium of old traditional visuals and new ones. This luge not only celebrates the combination of two seprate art elements (and two people!) coming together as one but functions as a fun interactive art piece for the reception guests to enjoy!