Interactive Connect Four Ice Sculpture

For Newaukee's 2013-2014 New Year's Eve party at the Milwaukee Art Museum, we created an elegant interactive new twist on the classic board game, Connect Four. From the ground up, this sculpture stands at 5 feet tall and 6 feet wide with our trademark logo colors replacing the standard colors. The couple shown playing in the picture adored this piece immensely and came up to us at the end of the night exclaiming that they had been playing throughout the entirety of the night. At Art Below Zero, we live to create things in ice that has never done before and we carry out inventive solutions every year. This idea, which was the product of a brainstorming session between the creatives of Newaukee and ABZ, turned out to be great hit and has been ordered numerous amounts of times. This design works wonderfully both indoors and out.

Connect four was the first to be sold commercially by Milton Bradley, but earlier versions of the game existed and went by a variety of names such as, Captain’s Mistress, Four Up, Plot Four, Find Four, Fourplay, Four in a Row, and Four in a line.The original Connect Four, hitting shelves on the market in February of 1974, was a 6 slot high, 7 slot wide grid that allowed for up to 42 pieces to be played. With these exact dimensions and number of active playing pieces, there are 4,513,985,219,092 different possible playable combinations!

Connect Four is known as a solved game which means that the solution of the game (win, lose, or draw) can be accurately predicted if each player plays perfectly. The term “Perfect play” is the behavior and strategy that focuses on the best possible outcome for the player regardless of the opponent’s response. In Connect Four, the first player, if they make the right move, is always able to force a win, (but you didn’t hear that from us!)