CHER "Dressed to Kill" Tour Ice Sculpture

For CHER’s “Dressed to Kill” Tour, we recreated the iconic bejeweled eyebrow logo in ice for her visit to Milwaukee on June 6th. The D2K Tour is CHER’s eighth solo concert tour that launched on March 22nd, is currently running until late October. Since the beginning of the tour on March 22nd, CHER has sold 340,000 tickets with a gross of over $30 Million. For those unfamiliar with the pop star, CHER has been a revolutionary icon since her career began in the late 60’s. The duration of her career included being a teenage pop star, television hostess, a fashion model, theatre actress, multi award winning movie star, and all around music sensation covering everything from pop, rock and disco. CHER’s voice sets her apart from other singers because of her exceptional ability to carry both a male and female range which allows her voice to be heard androgynously which suited her gender-neutral-themed songs. CHER’s voice is musically considered to be contralto which is a vocal range in the lowest female voice type, with the lowest tessitura, (Italian for texture) which is the most comfortable range for a singer and which the best sounding texture or timbre can be heard. In the 80’s CHER became a poster child of feminism and was crowned as an “authentic feminist hero” as she was noted for having an unapologetic, straightforward attitude, overcoming dyslexia, being tattooed and was a single mother. CHER’s image helped launch the idea of applauding the real woman. 

Pictured on the left of the ice sculpture is Hailey Erato, the newest addition to the Art Below Zero team. Hailey is a Milwaukee based Illustrator and recent graduate from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design located in the third ward of downtown Milwaukee.