Unicorn bust for Timothy Westbrook's "Legacy"

This Unicorn bust was created for local Milwaukee fiber artist and fashion designer Timothy Westbrook. Name sound failiar? Timothy was a compeititor on season 12 of the hit Bravo! TV show "Project Runway". Earlier this year in January, Timothy curated a fashion show enititled "Legacy" which was in the works since he attended college. This, however, wasn't any ordinary fashion show, this was an ice skating fashion performance inside of the Imperial Ballroom in The Pfister Hotel. Timothy and his team were able to transport an ice skating surface that was generously donated from the Petit Center and placed it piece by piece inside of the ballroom. This unusual surface allows the models to skate and perform fluidly as if on ice, without having to adjust the temperature of the room, or having any risk of ruining the ballroom's floor. This sculpture captured the spirit of Timothy as he is famous for his love of unicorns. For this ice project, he bestowed his personal copy of "The Unicorn Manuscripts," the ultimate unicorn bible that burrows into the history of the mystical beast, onto Max as inspiration for this ice carving.