Summertime in the Serengeti double martini luge ice sculpture for the 31st Annual Zoo Ball

To celebrate the 31st Annual Zoo Ball, the biggest fundraiser for The Zoological Society of Milwaukee, held at the Milwaukee Country Zoo, we created two double luges highlighting the event theme “Summer time in the Serengeti” The word “Serengeti” is originally derived from the Maasai language meaning “Endless Plains” and is located in Africa spreading across north Tanzania all the way to south western Kenya spanning approximately 12,000 sq mi. The Serengeti  has a spot in the 7 wonders of Africa as it hosts the largest terrestrial mammal migration on the entire planet; 3 million animals roam the plains! This specific ecosystem has a wide variety of habitats ranging from rivers, forests, swamps, grasslands, woodlands, and isolated rock formations which allows about 70 larger mammal and 500 bird species to thrive in the plains. The most common animals that reside here are blue wildebeests, gazelles, zebras, buffalos, hyenas, and an incredibly large lion population. These commonly found animals may sound familiar to any Disney fans, as the Serengeti was the inspiration for the animated movie The Lion King!