Hanging Ice Curtain with 3 Suspended Ice Sculptures Installation


Originally named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage, it comes as no surprise that the month of June is one of the most popular months to get married…and coincidentally for ice sculptures as well! On the bright and beautiful Saturday, the 21st of June, we had the honor to construct something we have never done before! For a wedding held at The Pritzlaff Building, located right across from the Third Ward, we combined our gravity defying ice curtain with a new addition of three hanging ice sculptures suspended in mid air to create a marvelous hybrid of ice art that created an abstract "floating” ice sculpture landscape, all lit brilliantly by color changing LEDS. The charming couple’s initials were engraved in the center ice sculpture with two additional dazzling swirls decorating each side of the monogram. After the ceremony ended, the wedding cake and various other sweets were place in front to utilize our sculpture as a marvelous visual experience of culinary art. Everyone here at the Art Below Zero team wishes the newlyweds many years of love and happiness!