Wedding Whirligig Ice Sculpture

Seen here is our classic whirligig base, topped with the design highlights of newlyweds Lauren and Donald’s wedding invitations. The Milwaukee couple sent us a copy of their invitation and originally came to us wanting a roman pedestal, but once we immersed them into the depth of our creative process, we collaborated and fashioned a concept that epitomized the idea of the frivolous nature of the couple’s enchanting devotion. The base itself is designed to be exceedingly versatile whether alone or paired together. The balance of the whirls in relation to each other, and to itself as a whole, allows the piece to be used both vertically and horizontally to glorify and balance any chosen design. From monograms, logos, and badges, to crests, symbols, and artwork, any kind of emblem will be enhanced by the delightful whirligig. For a further engaging component, upon request, we are able to incorporate a martini luge into the sculpture hence putting the fun in FUNctional!