Seahorse Ice Sculptures at NEWaukee's first Night Market

The premier night of NEWaukee’s Night Market took place last night in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, and what an adventure it was! Many artists gathered together from around the city in one place to come together in celebration of the vibrant art scene that the beloved city beholds. In support of this growing movement, we wanted to be a part of the celebration by doing a live ice sculpting demo during the event to inspire kids and adults alike to express themselves through art. Our magnificent seahorses made an appearance right on Wisconsin Avenue. The weather was perfect and the liveliness and excitement couldn’t be missed from a mile away! The ideal mixture of food, performance, music, art, dancing, and fun intermingled into one steady stream that saturated the entire crowd that visited The Moire Pavillion. Through two electrifying hours, Max took the audience through an exploration of creation and destruction through the beauty of finding and forming something remarkably beautiful out of the simplest of compounds.  As the evening proceeded into night, Max finished the fine points on the ice carvings and lit them brilliantly with color changing LED lights that brilliantly highlighted every single detail. The Night Market not only went off without a hitch, but exceeded all of our expectations. Thank you for everyone who participated in this legendary event and a particular shout out to the little 4 year old boy whose dance moves were so spectacular, that he started an entire dance party right in front of our ice sculptures!