Exploding Champagne Bottle Wedding Ice Sculpture

Champagne has always been a symbol of regal celebration and high status and social class, but how come? Well, proper champagne was harder and more expensive to come by then other sparkling wines as it follows a very, VERY strict production code leaving it to be the best of the best. A few of these rules being: where grapes have been planted, how the vines are pruned, the yield of the vineyard, the degree of pressure applied to the grapes, how long the champagne must sit in the bottle, etc. The carbonation of champagne, due to the sugar added during its second formation, led the cork-soaring alcohol to be called by early consumers as “le vin du diable” or the devil’s wine. The burst of bubbles that champagne is known for, comes from the initial contact of the liquid on a dry glass, the bubbles forming on tiny imperfections. This led many glass manufacturers to etch an imperfection in champagne glasses to establish a continuous stream of bubbles to celebrate the fine wine. Toasts, in particular the clinking of glasses, often associated with champange and weddings, were established as a way to incoprate the last of the five senses (hearing) in the drinking experiance! Congratulations to the newlyweds Sherrell and Clinton, we hope there are many toasts in your future!