Baseball Themed Seafood Display Ice Sculpture

This seafood platter made its debut this past weekend at an espcially grandiose outdoor birthday celebration, saturated with A-list stars! Baseball, beloved by all, comes as no surprise as the placeholder for America’s # 1 pass time. Even as early as 1919, philosopher Morris Raphael Cohen regarded the sport as America’s “national religion,” in one of his writings. Regardless, its deep rooted background, spanning across all ages since the 18th century, has undoubtedly had major cultural significance in the history and development of our country and vise versa; it reflects fundamental American values and beliefs. Baseball is not a sport set to glorify players in being the most superior in certain attributes such as agility or might.  It is individualized, but the game more so emphasizes teamwork and community. It doesn’t require an academic mindset, but also cannot be won by sheer brute force or strength. Necessary qualities essential to winning are cleverness, adaptability to change, technical mastery, and attention to detail. Baseball is a mass game played by children and adults alike but has enough intricacy to entertain any ritzy individual. Even the image it portrays is safe, stable and conservative, but historically has had more labor disputes than any other pop culture industry (with the exception of journalism). Baseball seems to be a system filled with checks and balances, mirroring the same system that was used in the creation of our own Constitution. Arguably, the same system we use while creating ice sculptures! While creating these larger-than-life food displays (and any other type of ice sculpture), it is necessary for our team to carefully plan and execute ice designs that are both dynamic, vibrant, and innovative, yet safe, solid, and stable enough to last looooooong after the party has ended.