Beer Wall Ice Sculpture for Asplundh at the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee

The pilgrims on the Mayflower made their legendary landing on Plymouth Rock…only because they ran out of beer before reaching their final destination in Virginia. Egyptian pyramid workers were paid a gallon of beer for their day’s work. and even in their mythology, beer played a major role in the docile nature of a previously violent goddess, Sekhmet. Heck, this beverage has had a huge value put on it since the first evidential sign of beer production some 7,000 years ago in Iranian pots. In other words, beer is and has been pretty important. It contains almost all of the necessary minerals needed to survive and studies have claimed that, in small moderation, beer can help prevent cardiac arrest and cognitive decline! We'll cheers to that!

With all these reasons to celebrate the historic drink, we introduce a revolutionized idea that originally started from the concept of an ice bar and we elevated it…literally. This ice sculpture beer wall display, towering over the guests and bartenders, serves as both tribute and celebration to locally born Miller beer featured at a corporate function that  Asplundh hosted at the Harley Davidson Museum. How can you get more Milwaukee than beer, Harley, and ice all integrated in one place?!

We raise our glass to Asplundhs efforts, and toast to any of their guests who may suffer from Cenosillicaphobia (the fear of an empty beer glass) as we assure that there would be nothing to cause them worry that evening. Cheers!