Functional Art Deco Seafood Table for the Gates and Stephen Wedding Ice Sculpture

Ice sculptures, and the way that we view them here at Art Below Zero, have a very architectural quality in every step of the creative process from conception to completion. Especially with functioning ice sculptures, such as this ice bar, similar attributes in the design process directly mirror the precise nature of how architects carry out their work. In order to be successful, both architecture and ice sculptures need to be built to be with extreme accuracy and with the design knowledge for ideal strength and endurance all the while effectively curating every piece of material used to optimize its aesthetic splendor to the fullest potential.

For this ice sculpture we used a design that is extreamly influenced by the Art Deco movement, a style the flourished in the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s known for its stylistic elements that reflect clean and geometric design with lavish embellishments. The aesthetic directly reflected society’s adoration of technological advances of the time period. Due to this embrace, an explosion of creativity led to a variety of timeless architecture, fashion, and art being created world wide.

Because of our distinctive structural approach for our ice sculpture architecture, the Art Deco movement lends itself exceedingly well to our artistic intent. See how all of the different lines and weights of all the snow-filled details reflects the overall apperance of ice bar itself? That shape-driven ornamentation is very common trait of Art Deco design!

The total cumulative weight of this ice sculpture is roughly 1800 lbs. From start to finish, it took the Art Below Zero team to install this piece in 30 minutes, with all of the snow filled detail remaining throughout the entirety of the 7 hour long event. Congratulations again to the newlyweds, we hope you enjoyed your special day together! Everyone here on our team wishes you both the best of luck with many years of love and happiness!