New Snow Filled Portraits!

Upholding our promise to offer the most customization options for ice sculptures, we are introducing a whole new way to personalize your very own ice art for your special occasion.  Now, not only do we offer the ability to freeze your photos and portraits in ice, but we are introducing our new line of snow fill portrait ice sculptures. With our precise CNC technology, we are now able to transform almost any portrait photo into a dual toned portrait in white ice. The benefits of each method are entirely based on what you would think looks the best at your event. If you like a pop of color, or the realistic nature of a photograph, or simply like the suspension and want to create the illusion of a floating picture, than freezing a photo is your way to go. But now, with the snow fill portraits, you can choose to have your picture transformed like never before. After our CNC operators program your portrait, our CNC drills a replica into the ice, leaving us a pocket which we pack with fresh powdered snow and icy cold water. Left to harden overnight, the end result is a stunningly brilliant engraved ice portrait!