The Edgewater Hotel Frozen Assets Winter Festival Ice Bar with Ice Wall

The Edgewater Hotel in Madison hosted their 5th Annual Frozen Assets winter festival in union with The Clean Lakes Alliance, to celebrate our wintry climate and to promote the health of our lakes, streams, and wetlands. Art Below Zero combined an incredible amount of techniques to create an ice lounge in the Edgewater’s lower outdoor plaza. Our larger-than-life, 25ft ice wall featured built in liquor displays, snow filled logos, insane hand carved details, and frozen posters of Wisconsin’s very own Death’s Door Spirits. Our pinstripe ice bar served up Death’s Door cocktails alongside stylized bottle displays inspired by Frozen Assets beautifully stylized double diamond logo. With plenty of family friendly activities during day and elegant celebrations at night, The Edgewater Hotel and CLA made this weekend an especially memorable way to celebrate winter and promote restoration and protection of our lakes for future generations.