Calatrava Ice Sculpture "S2" from the premier of Sculpture Milwaukee

Art Below Zero’s latest ice sculpture was created for the premier of Sculpture Milwaukee, an exhibition of 22 sculptures that have been recently installed along Wisconsin Avenue. The world class art display hopes to attract global attention, showcasing Milwaukee’s revitalization and history in the art world as well as offering a freshly renewed cityscape to the locals. This specific sculpture was designed in celebration of Santiago Calatrava’s return to the city. Known for the Milwaukee Art Museum as his first major piece of architecture in the United States, Calatrava’s latest installation for Sculpture Milwaukee is entitled “S2”. The architect demonstrated his main source of inspiration, nature, in this newest sculpture. This installation recalls both the unfolding tail of a scorpion and the internal chamber of a nautilus shell as the sharp recurring pieces spiral in towards itself. The entire collection is valued at more than $783 million and, at that price, you can’t afford to miss it. The sculptures will be on display on Wisconsin Avenue (from 6th Street to O’Donnell Park) until Oct. 22nd, 2017.