About Us 

Excellence in Creativity and Service is an absolute standard at Art Below Zero.

Art Below Zero excels at creating incomparable ice sculptures of distinction and providing impressive service. Let’s collaborate to design an original sculpture of uncompromising beauty to elevate your event, or select from our extensive online gallery of superb ice masterpieces. Every Art Below Zero ice sculpture is meticulously executed to your specifications using both hand sculpting and state-of-the-art CNC computerized technology. Delivery to your location is no obstacle for Art Below Zero. We serve not only Milwaukee, Madison, Lake Geneva, Chicago and the Whole Wide World, but also maintain global alliances to provide you with delivery and tactical assistance anywhere in the world.

Max Bollkman Zuleta

Master Carver Max Zuleta’s superlative ice sculptures transcend the common – his clean, clear and pure visions regularly push the limits of ice art. Max’s masterful creations are reflective of his celebrated artisanship and great passion for ice – as an artist he is among those uniquely aligned to his soul’s purpose. Ice sculpting since 1987 and recognized internationally, Max is ranked among the top ice sculptors in the world. His acclaimed and award-winning ice carvings have been featured in competitions and exhibitions in Alaska, Belgium Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Holland, Mexico, Venezuela & the CNN series “Somebody’s Gotta Do It”, starring Mike Rowe. Max interacts with many of the world’s great ice sculptors providing for a continuous exchange of ideas, tools and techniques to remain avante garde in ice sculpting worldwide.

New Horizons in ice sculpting performances  – Ice Beat Factory

Pioneers in ice performance art, we are proud to introduce Ice Beat Factory! Original, bold and groundbreaking.

Ice Beat Factory’s futuristic ice and fire extravaganza combines live concert with electrifying multi-media  experiences to enthrall your audience and bring an unexpected and enchanting dimension to your next event. Gifted ice artist Max Zuleta and talented composer and Chapman stick player Nima Rezai lead a group of international and world-renowned multi-instrumental artists in a live concert performance showcasing the artistic medium of ice as the focal point of this spectacular production. Master Carver Zuleta transfixes audiences as he transforms hundreds of pounds of incandescent ice into a brilliant sculpture live on stage to the backdrop of dazzling light show visuals, violins, drums and the beat of other exotic and modern instruments.

Ice Beat Factory is an exciting multi-media performance art show combining the power and elegance of ice sculpting with energetic live music performed with unique instruments and costumes.

Each Ice Beat factory performance features a stunningly unique ice masterpiece. Let IBF custom design the ice centerpiece into a powerful visualization of your corporate or personal message to blend your vision into the sensory energy of the Ice Beat Factory experience.

Mind-blowing, mesmerizing and refreshingly different – invite the Ice Beat Factory live ice sculpting performance to unlock the full potential of your next event! Early booking is strongly recommended; please contact us for availability.

Preview Ice Beat Factory at www.icebeatfactory.com

Art Below Zero is a guaranteed asset in your arsenal of marketing tools. Nothing beats ice sculptures as a branding, décor and interactive element. Superlative design, solid mastery and innovative execution in ice sculpting have secured our reputation with major multi-national companies who rely on Art Below Zero to crystallize their visions in luminous ice. VIP treatment, versatility and reliability have kept them clients. Whether your need is corporate or private the award-winning team at Art Below Zero looks forward to sculpting for you.